Sinharaja Rain Forest

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sinharaja rain forest map

The Sri Lanka Lowland Rain Forests represents Sri Lanka's Tropical rainforests below 1,000 m in elevation in the southwestern part of the island. The year-around warm, wet climate together with thousands years of isolation from mainland India have resulted in the evolution of numerous plants and animal species that can be only found in rain forests in Sri Lanka.

The thick forest canopy is made up of over 150 species of trees, some of the emergent layer reaching as high as 45 m. The lowland rain forests accounts for 2.14 percent of the Sri Lanka's land area. Sri Lanka has the highest density of amphibian species worldwide. Many of these including 250 species of tree frogs live in these rain forests.


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Sinharaja Rainforest

The Sinharaja Rain Forest is considered one of the most important natural habitats in Sri Lanka. This majestic rainforest was deemed an International Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and deservedly designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989. The forest offers a huge diversity of species both flora and fauna with a large proportion of those being indigenous to the country and some more specifically endemic to Sinharaja itself.

Sinharaja forest cover recevies between 3000-6000 mm of rain throughout the year and have a minimum rainfall of over 200 mm even during non monsoon periods. The mean temperature is between 18-27 degrees Celcius with a humidity of 75% - 80% . . The land coverage of the Sinharaja Forest is 21 kM lengthwise, with a minimum width of 3 kM and a maximum width of 7 kM throughout that land extent. The location of Sinharaja rain Forest is between 6 D 21 M and 6 D 27 M , North and 80 D 25 M and 80 D 34 M, East. Gin Ganga and Kalu Ganga [ Rivers Gin and Kalu] gets its water flow from this forest land. The highest elevated mountain peak found at Sinharaja is 1170 Mts and has eight peaks over 600 Mts.

The Plant density inside the forest is 240,000 plants per hectare and also there are 340 timber species. Out of these 192 are endemic to sri Lanka and 19 out of those endemic species are found only with in Sinharaja Forest.

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