Kaudulla National Park

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Kaudulla National Park is situated 197 kilometers away from Colombo and declared as a national park of sri lanka on 1st April, 2002. Along with Minneriya and Girithale, kaudulla national park has identified as an Important Birding Area in Sri Lanka. Kaudulla national park is a popular park for sri lanka jeep safari tours because of its elephants density.

Historically Kaudulla was one of the 16 irrigation tanks built by King Mahasen. Following a period of abandonment it was reconstructed in 1959. It now attracts and supports a variety of plant and animal life, including large mammals, fish and reptiles.

The region receives an annual rainfall of 1,500–2,000 millimeters (59–79 in) including rain from the north-east monsoon. A dry period persists from April to October.Temperature ranges from 20.6 °C (69.1 °F) to 34.5 °C (94.1 °F). Many plant and grass species grow well during the rainy season whilst an abundance of food and water, even in the dry period, attracts a large number of herbivorous mammals to the park.

24 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles, 26 species of fish, and 160 species of bird are recorded from the Kaudulla National Park. Sri Lankan sambar deer, Sri Lankan axis deer, chevrotain, wild boar, Sri Lankan leopard, and sloth bear are some of the mammals found in the park.

kaudulla national park

Sri Lankan elephants move to the Minneriya tank to drink and feed during the drought period. Large water birds such as spot-billed pelican and lesser adjutant visit the Kaudulla tank.

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